Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

It was u

It was u

When I see the sky
I see a name on it fly
I realize that I can't deny
I'm always alone when I cry

As I want to walk away
God reminds me to pray
I've to wait till the day
That I'll be alone on my way

Im trying to find that one
Things that I always want
Around the world I wouldnt care
What is right is always rare

Is this the feeling?
Is this the right time?
I could not even think
I knew this moment would come

My heart is beating
I feel the earth is trembling
For once I saw the most beautiful thing
My eyes could not even blink

Do you care if i give u a clue?
Would u believe it, if it is true?
Coz I dont want u to catch a flu
when I say that, it was... you

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